[ilds] The Tree of Idleness -- even more questions

Michael Haag michaelhaag at btinternet.com
Fri Jul 20 18:37:45 PDT 2007

He is dead.  Life goes on.


On Saturday, July 21, 2007, at 01:59  am, william godshalk wrote:

> The persona lies quietly "under kisses / Without signature." Why under 
> kisses? Does it mean that he is on the bottom being kissed by a woman 
> on top? He is the passive member, so to speak? And does "Without 
> signature" mean that he no longer recalls what lips his lips have 
> known or when or why? Still the rain is full of ghosts tonight. 
> Anonymous lovers? Or does the persona mean that these are the kisses 
> of a bought red mouth?
> Why are "all" his "debts unpaid"? I suppose he means that he's down 
> and out, poverty stricken. But it could be other debts that he has not 
> paid or been able to pay. Perhaps he's spent too much money on those 
> unsigned kisses.
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