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"A very small phrase" with very big implications.  "One of us" occurs, by the way, at the end of Conrad's 1917 preface to Lord Jim (1900) and throughout the novel, as when Marlow says about Tuan Jim, in what must be a very British accent, "He was of the right sort; he was one of us" (ch. seven).


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>"...So, when Leavis, Cambridge don, says Lawrence Durrell is "not one of 
>us," the negation of a major theme in Lord Jim, he's indirectly referring to 
>Durrell's values and sensibilities and saying, in effect, they are not ours. 
>And "ours" must refer to the mainstream moral and literary values that Dr. 
>Leavis took it upon himself to defend...."
>May I refer to the "war" between the Sitwells and F.R Leavis - aestheticism 
>vs analysis?? That is an excessively simplistic description of the "war" I 
>know, but it might capture some of the issues involved. The travel writing 
>of Osbert Sitwell has qualities one might detect in Lawrence Durrell's 
>travel writing, and I am reminded particularly of a phrase "....they are 
>coming!...they are coming!..." Lawrence Durrell used it to describe the 
>excitement of young boys at the progress of a festival procession in the 
>Alexandria Quartet, and I found the same phrase in a travel essay by Osbert 
>Sitwell, where a similar excitement is expressed by children at the approach 
>of a procession.
>The similarity may seem insignificant, particularly since it involves a very 
>small phrase, but parallels have been drawn between the writing of Lawrence 
>Durrell and the writing of the Sitwells - an Edwardian quality perhaps.

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