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Good soul that I am, I located the reference as a footnote on page 36 of Richard's book: "The remark about D. being 'not one of us' is attributed by R.W. Dasenbrook to Ray Morrison in 'Centrafugality; An Approach to LD,' in L.W. Markert and C. Peirce, eds), p. 210.

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>>> "Richard Pine" <richardpin at eircom.net> 07/20/07 4:26 AM >>>
Correct Bruce - as far as I recall, it was quoted/attributed, maybe by 
Dasenbrock in relation to Ray Morrison - if I werent in limbo right now I 
could giv eyou the exact citation - would some good soul look up the index 
in my book and post the answer? Thanks RP
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> Thanks, Charles, the "do dirt" quotation I do find on p. 26 (NYU ed., 
> 1973, presumably rpt. of Chatto & Windus), but not "not one of us."  I 
> assume that lies elsewhere, since it sounds just like Leavis adapting 
> Conrad to suit his purposes.
> Bruce
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>>On 7/19/2007 2:25 PM, Bruce Redwine wrote:
>>> "Not one of us" and "Miller, Durrell, and Nin do dirt on life."  What 
>>> are the sources of these Leavite quotations, which I may have quoted 
>>> inaccurately?
>>Here you are, Bruce:/
>>        /The Great Tradition: George Eliot, Henry James, Joseph Conrad/
>>        (London: Chatto & Windus, 1948) 26.
>>Out of conscientiousness, I will say that Stefan Herbrechter goes over
>>this ground about Durrell and the canon in some detail in his book
>>/Lawrence Durrell, Postmodernism and the Ethics of Alterity/ (1999).   I
>>disagreed with Herbrechter's main direction of method and argument in
>>/Deus Loci/ (NS 7).
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