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At 04:47 PM 7/19/2007, you wrote:
>Bill, was tragedy ever meant to be "uplifting?"  Aristotle didn't 
>define it that way  -- it's an emotional release, without the 
>ethics, seeing the light kind of thing.  If anything, Durrell sees 
>the darkness, as Joyce does.  I don't know what Gubar is getting at.

Michael was examining why Durrell is not popular in academe -- and he 
suggested that Durrell did not give the requisite uplift, and I 
pointed out that Shakespeare's tragedies are not very uplifting, but 
certainly in the canon.

I went on to site Gubar who suggests that authors are kept in the 
canon by factors that have nothing to do with literary style. She 
uses Hawthorne as an example. In the 19th century readers liked 
Hawthorne for one set of reasons, in the 20th for quite another. 
Hawthorne was kept in print by a family member who happened to be a 
publisher. Finally, this is an old memory, and I may have it wrong.

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