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Shakespeare is our only required author course, so I can understand why your chair wishes to keep you active in WS studies.

     My department has abolished historical periods altogether.  Majors do have to take a certain number of courses before/after 1900.  But faculty in my dept. have all the freedom they wish to teach their favorite courses.  You can find unique courses that my colleagues create, such as "Harlem, Haiti, and Havana" or "Captives, Housewives, and Coquettes" (17th-19th c Amer. lit.)  Even when I choose to teach "British Novel," I can design my theme, which is usually THE VOYAGE OUT (based on V. Woolf's book) and includes JUSTINE and THE MAGUS.

     Just a thought--at the next ILDS meeting, maybe we can talk about how senior faculty can mentor junior scholars.


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