[ilds] Durrell and the Academy

Charles Sligh slighcl at wfu.edu
Wed Jul 18 16:09:16 PDT 2007

Quoting Pamela Francis <albigensian at hotmail.com>:

> And I know for a fact we have more fun than Joyceans.  I believe Durrell
> studies is in good health.  And I think I'll drink to that...pamela


Yes--of course--this "good health" report rings true within our local concerns
of the ILDS, in which everyone already knows everyone else.  But we must learn
to look outward.  Pretending that everything is fine is great for mutual
admiration--and I hold many of you dear--but let is not pretend that the work
is easy.


Everyone doing serious work on Durrell knows the excellence of Michael's writing
and his editing.  Michael is at the fore in so many senses.

I think the ultimate discussion comes down to where has the best work been
accomplished--in the "real world" and within the university--and then extending
that fine work into greater potentiality for the future.

Here's to a brilliant future.


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