[ilds] Durrell and the Academy

Pamela Francis albigensian at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 18 14:20:04 PDT 2007

>From Bill:
Our department needs Shakespeare teachers. Durrell
>is not one of our required authors. And with the university's attempt to
>save money by cutting faculty lines, we hardly have enough teachers for
>minimal historical coverage.

Pamela replies:
I think that goes a long way in explaining why LD isn't so popular in 
academia.  Departments hit the "big" fields--Shakespeare, Victorian, Early 
Modern (what used to be Renaissance; their usage of "modern" has wreaked 
havoc with all of us REAL modernists...) 20th c. Brit usually refers to 
either  modernism at the beginning of the century, or literature in English 
towards the last part of the century (another way of saying post-colonial 
literatures).  I've never seen Graham Greene, Robert Graves, Evelyn Waugh, 
or LD on a syllabus.  Orwell occasionally, Forster more so (in other words, 
closer to the early part of the century).  The mid-century seems to be one 
giant lacuna...so departments go for the big, sexy fields (and I don't know 
why or how, but apparently Victorian lit is VERY sexy these days...) and 
don't bother with anything else. The academy, like everything else, is 
driven by the market economy.  I think a revolution is in order.

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