[ilds] Durrell and the Academy

Bruce Redwine bredwine1968 at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 18 14:54:28 PDT 2007

On 7/18/07, Charles Sligh writes,

>Despite this small, valiant effort, we still find--at least I see that 
>we do--a continued neglect of Durrell in the Academy.  I have already 
>rehearsed the conversations that I have overheard and the advisement 
>that I have received over the years indicating a concerned suspicion 
>about Durrell as a topic of serious study.  Although I do not think that 
>we have precisely defined its origins, its causes, and its strongholds 
>(major research institutions? top-tier academic journals and 
>publishers?), I hope that this too-easy and unexamined hostility may be 
>changing.  I think that I see the beginnings of this change.  We have at 
>least three younger scholars working with wholehearted and sharp-minded 
>dedication to that project.  As a Victorianist connected to several 
>important institutions and resources, I am dedicated to supporting the 
>work of these younger Durrellian scholars and the others who will, I 
>hope, follow their lead in future days.  Yet I do not pretend that the 
>sponsorship and fostering of Durrell studies will be easy.  It will take 
>much constancy, effort, and dedication.

To the list of those doing important scholarship on LD, I add Michael Haag's name, whose book on Alexandria and the upcoming biography of LD, should open the eyes of many in Academia.  His books are being published by Yale, and I expect they have and will have a profound and decisive impact on Durrellian studies and how Durrell is perceived in the Academy.  I think the term sea change is appropriate here.


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