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I used the electronic Modern Language Bibliography.  This is the description 
for it:

This bibliography covers literature, languages, linguistics, and folklore 
from over 4,000 journals and series published worldwide between 1926 and the 
present. The MLA Bibliography is updated ten times per year. (1926-)

I did not distinguish between articles, books, etc.  Just anything that 
named him; did the same for the others.  Clearly, this doesn't list ALL 
works from ALL journals everywhere; for instance, the first series of Deus 
Loci are not listed. But I was just trying to get at who is and isn't being 
written about in academia. And yes, Jamie's bib is THE BEST!!!!

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>On 7/18/2007 3:38 PM, Pamela Francis wrote:
>>Comments, anyone?  Can we come to any conclusions from these (highly 
>>unofficial) stats?
>The most impressive and useful catalog of writing on Durrell has to be 
>James Gifford's /Critical Materials on Lawrence Durrell: A Bibliographic 
>    <http://www.durrell-school-corfu.org/bibliog/>.
>That is an impressive, ever-expanding resource.  Everyone should bookmark 
>it in the browser.
>I am less clear about the specific search terms and limits for your MLA 
>search, Pamela.  (dates? articles? books? dissertations?  book reviews?)
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