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There are approaching 2000 works on Durrell in English -- the MLA,
being a passive bibliography, is not a terribly reliable bibliography.
 That said, there is an extensive body of work on Durrell (my paper
collection of articles runs somewhere in the 2500+ range) and far more
than there is on other authors who are very well-established in the
curriculum in the academy.

I'll comment more once I'm home, but the size of a body of work has
little to do with the frequency with which it will be included in
syllabuses and so forth.  Heck, I've still never seen Charles Dickens
on a syllabus, though I know he's written about and read (and is a
favourite of mine).  Likewise, Thomas King appears in hundreds of
Canadian syllabuses but has hardly any critical works in print.


On 18/07/07, Pamela Francis <albigensian at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hey folks--just to help us determine what is or isn't popular in academia: I
> just did some quick searches on the Modern Language Bibliography.  I was
> rather surprised by some of the findings.  Obviously, this isn't a
> scientific survey or anything, but here goes:
> Lawrence Durrell (with NO Gerald references): 627 entries, of which I
> figured about 125 of those are from our own Deus Loci.
> Henry Miller: 530 entries.
> Ford Madox Ford: 611 entries. (this really surprises me.  My modernist profs
> barely ever even mention him, and I would be surprised if they have ever
> read him)
> Graham Greene: 839 entries.
> Wyndham lewis: 452, but remember this is only MLA--I'm sure much more has
> been written about him in art journals, etc.
> And bringing up the rear, Robert Graves, weighing in at a measley 336.
> The real shocker, for me,though, is that D.H. Lawrence had only 596 entries!
>  what the????
> Comments, anyone?  Can we come to any conclusions from these (highly
> unofficial) stats?
> Peace, Pamela
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