[ilds] MLA bibliography

Pamela Francis albigensian at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 18 12:38:48 PDT 2007

Hey folks--just to help us determine what is or isn't popular in academia: I 
just did some quick searches on the Modern Language Bibliography.  I was 
rather surprised by some of the findings.  Obviously, this isn't a 
scientific survey or anything, but here goes:

Lawrence Durrell (with NO Gerald references): 627 entries, of which I 
figured about 125 of those are from our own Deus Loci.

Henry Miller: 530 entries.

Ford Madox Ford: 611 entries. (this really surprises me.  My modernist profs 
barely ever even mention him, and I would be surprised if they have ever 
read him)

Graham Greene: 839 entries.

Wyndham lewis: 452, but remember this is only MLA--I'm sure much more has 
been written about him in art journals, etc.

And bringing up the rear, Robert Graves, weighing in at a measley 336.

The real shocker, for me,though, is that D.H. Lawrence had only 596 entries! 
  what the????

Comments, anyone?  Can we come to any conclusions from these (highly 
unofficial) stats?
Peace, Pamela

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