[ilds] Durrell and the Academy

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Good example.  F. R. Leavis taught at Cambridge and wrote The Great Tradition.  And Leavis's assessment has been picked up, updated, and translated into the critical opinions of Said and Eagleton.  I don't think the Academy ever liked Durrell.  "Not one of us" just about sums it up, perfectly.  Strange how Leavis would throw the motto of Lord Jim ("He was 'one of us'"), Conrad's great novel, at Durrell.  That shows you how far outside the pale he was considered by the Academic establishment.  It threw and throws "dirt" on him.


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>The most notorious example of exclusion from the Canon is that of the 
>Canon-maker extreme, Leavis: 'Durrell is not one of us'; also, his statement 
>that Durrell, Miller and Nin 'do dirt on life'.

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