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Yes, I think you're right.  The image certainly does justice to his dazzling style, whose pieces make a distinctive whole.  And the thing about Hellenistic and Roman mosaics, as they're dug up and restored -- well, almost always many pieces are missing, whole parts of the original, in fact.  So you end up with large gaps, only an outline or faint suggestion, where you, the viewer, have to imagined the whole.  And the fragments seem more beautiful than the original.  Pound knew this and make it a tenet of Modernism.


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>Bruce, I was alluding to the pieces that go to making up a mosaic -- asyou suggest. "Tessellated" has a nice ring to it, I think. Ihave seen Roman and Carthaginian mosaics in north Africa as well asEurope. We could imagine Durrell's borrowings as tesserae for hismosaic.
>Bill, "tessellated"(< tessera/tesserae) is a beautiful word, especially for those of uswho've worked on archaeological digs in the Levant, which are rich inmosaics.  I have little idea, however, how you apply that toDurrell's writing.  But why spoil by defining?
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>These elements seem to me to mark /Bitter Lemons/ as moreinteresting
>than even the /Quartet/, as it further troubles Bill Godshalk's
>division of the /Quartet/ into "fictively fictive" and"fictively
>real" elements.  writes James. Clawson that it. Andwelcome to the debating society -- and much more.
>Actually I'm very reductive and I see all writing as words, words,words. When I write this, you get words. You do not get the real me, justas you don't get the real Durrell. You get the words that Durrelltessellated for us. 
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