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> On 7/16/2007 9:33 AM, Richard Pine wrote:
>> It could be Sade, altho S's Justine was a thicker book, than D's
Dear Richard:

I believe that you may have missed my earlier postings on Whiteley's 
/Justine/.  As the Bonham's catalog makes clear, "The Whiteley oil 
titled /Justine /depicts the artist's wife, Wendy, sun-baking on 
Sydney's Bondi Beach reading the novel, /Justine /by the modernist 
writer Lawrence Durrell" <http://www.bonhamsandgoodman.com.au/>. 

That said, any work taking on the title /Justine /in allusion to 
Lawrence Durrell opens itself to a lineage running back to Sade and his 



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