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Dear David:

Grand idea about the flier with bibliography and quotes.  Of course, 
intimate, enthusiastic conversations between friend and friend and 
between lover and lover will always bring in more readers of Durrell. 

Here is another update about the Whitely oil titled /Justine/, soon up 
for auction.  That painting is really making news.  I post it again in 
reference to our current questions and answers about how Durrell's name 
survives posthumously.  A million dollar sale for a work of art named 
for a Durrell work is not unimportant in the scheme of things.  With the 
numerous articles published in the Australian and Art World press, 
Durrell and /Justine /have now been noted in print perhaps more all at 
once than any time since their original appearance.  Perhaps 
somewhere--on a bus, in a pub, or outside the auction house--someone 
will be saying to herself, hmm, /Justine/?  Didn't my mate from 
university talk up that book?  I just may have to take a look.

What can you tell us about this "celebrated Australian artist," David? 
Has he ever talked about Durrell as a source of inspiration?




Held on Tuesday, 7 August at 6pm, Melbourne

The Bonhams & Goodman Fine Art auction on Tuesday 7 August will be the 
most significant sale conducted by the company in Australia. It recently 
announced the consignment of an iconic nude by the celebrated Australian 
artist Brett Whiteley with pre-sale estimates of $1.4mil-1.8mil as well 
as an impressive work by Sir Arthur Streeton with an auction estimate of 
$400,000-500,000. Also included in the auction is a particularly 
important self portrait by James Gleeson and three major works by Albert 
Tucker, widely considered to be the fastest appreciating artist in the 
current Australian market.

The Whiteley oil titled Justine depicts the artist's wife, Wendy, 
sun-baking on Sydney's Bondi Beach reading the novel, Justine by the 
modernist writer Lawrence Durrell. The painting was exhibited at the 
Whiteley Studio, the museum established in Surrey Hills, Sydney to mark 
the life and work of the artist until it (the picture) was sold 
privately by the Whiteley estate in 2004.

This important painting is appearing at auction for the first time 
having been consigned by a private Sydney collector. Justine is expected 
to break the auction record for a painting in this genre by Whiteley or 
by any other Australian artist. National Head of Art at Bonhams & 
Goodman, Geoffrey Smith said, "The Whiteley is an icon of 20th Century 
Australian art and we are delighted to have been appointed to conduct 
the sale."

Charles L. Sligh
Department of English
Wake Forest University
slighcl at wfu.edu

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