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Durrell is dead. I am deeply envious of those of you who  met him while he lived - and especially envious of those who have met him after he died! I heard a recording of him being interviewed I think at OMG conf. 1986 while I was in New Zealand recently and was very impressed with the soft, wise humility of his voice. Of he was old and frail by this time, but the lines in his face and soul came out in his voice.

If Durrell is not to be left as an obscure branch of literary study, we must promote the man - and his wives, lovers, books etc. LD is such an intriguing character - and a wise character- as one of you recently observed, that this should not be hard.

This term I am going to sent a promotional flyer to the literature departments of Australian Universities which shall show a good pic of the man, a list of his publications, a brief biog. and some juicy quotes to get people in. For example, in Bitter Lemons, there is telling and wonderful description of the nature of terrorism. It is feasable that BL could form part of a terrorist studies course; an object lesson in how not to piss off the locals. Given current circumstances, there must surely be a market for this.

Terrorism studies 101: Cyprus 1953 - 1956, a case study. recomended reading, Bitter Lemons by Larry Durrell.

Send a copy to the Bush Administration's experts, what!


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