[ilds] Bitter Lemons as a novel

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I didnt say (or didnt mean to say) that we each live in our own imaginative 
universe, but now that Bruce has raised that, well, we'd better remind 
ourselves of what LD meant by his 'Heraldic Universe' and what can be 
accomplished /can be expected by and of its sole inhabitant.

It's also worth while pointing out that BL won the Duff Cooper Memorial 
Prize, presented to him by the (then) Queen Mother. Irony or what?. How was 
BL (and of course LD) perceived by the establishmnet in order for his book 
to be eligible, and a winner?!

And as for potboilers, the one 'travel' book that he described as such (a 
letter to me) was 'Sicilian Carousel', but we've been over that ground 

> RP has a very interesting question, albeit entirely hypothetical, but 
> still provocative.  Is Bitter Lemons fact or fiction?  As RP poses the 
> question, I think, we are being nudged, for the sake of argument, 
> understood, to assume that we live in our own imaginative universes and 
> that everything we do is unreal.  He can correct me, if I'm wrong in this 
> assumption. 

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