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Then there are the people who were real and who were there but are not mentioned, the most glaring example being Claude, without whom ...

..... 1957 would not have been such a great year?

Michael, thank you for the clarification as to real characters. some of this was news to me. Regarding people not mentioned I am tempted to quote Durrell's notes in the front of Prosperos Cell

" four of the characters in this book are real people and appear here by their own consent."

Perhaps Claude - and others - did not want to appear in the book or where edited out later for political or personal reasons.

Nor are all episoded mentioned. For example Durrell does mention the evening when, fairly pissed, he called a government official an "inept c*%t (Recalled by Richard Lumley). Lumley went on to say that for all his eccentricities he was appreciated by the people under Sir John Harding.

Ok, so if many of the characters are real, does this make Bitter Lemons reportage? I am happy to go with Durrell's own view here of "..a somewhat impressionistic study (account) of the moods and atmospheres of Cyprus during the troubled years of 1953 -6."

another quote is telling.

"I much regret that the cutting of my overgrown typescript removed the names of many friends to whom I am deeply indebted for material and information on Cyprus."

Editorial pressure perhaps explains these omissions.


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