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Interesting, to read Bitter Lemons as a novel.... Comments? RP

RP! Bitter Lemons is to my mind not easy to classify. It makes no pretense of being a travel book like the earlier island books although one can see similarities. It makes political comment without being reportage in the strictly journalistic sense. Is every situation and character in it real in the sense of being a true and accurate record? I doubt it.

in the Hemmingway style the author only shows us the tip of the iceberg. We can sense much more going on below the water line. There is tension and drama, a subtext and a plot. the main character journeys from being a detached 'private person' to one deeply involved in the unfolding drama. Biographical novel perhaps?

Charles Bukowski wrote 'Post Office" as a novel, but much of it was taken from the authors stint at the post office in LA.

Bitter Lemons is less fictional than this, but it can be read as a novel. Perhaps it is travel book, reportage and fiction all rolled together. We do live in a world that likes to classify but am not sure that, in this case, it matters much.


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