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Ilyas Khan ilyas.khan at crosby.com
Wed Jul 11 14:25:52 PDT 2007

Pamela - One of the problems with this list, which is dominated by people
who, on average, post many times a day, 7 days a week, and, as far as I can
see, 52 weeks a year, is that they seem to get very obsessed by the
percieved comment they "think" they hear, as opposed to the actual words on
the page.

Email, as we all know, is a very imperfect form of communication, and
truncated, at the best of times.

On the issue that I think is being discussed, I am not saying that the
british (of which I count myself wholly as one) or the modern day residents
of the old colonies are "right" or "wrong". But that their opinions are
validly based on the cumulative experiences that their culture provides.

I, for one, will not consign to the dustbin the sum total of all greek
cypriot views being worthless because they would "complain about something
anyway..." whether I agree or disagree with them.

Pamela, I recall from your previous message that you have a job to attend to
and other demands on your time, and how tough it is to keep up with the
barrage of responses you get from these messages. I must say, you have done
a good job of keeping up in the recent past. I have wondered if I should
quietly ask Charles to take me off the list and days like today when my
inbox groans with ILDS messages is a prime reminder of that urge. However, I
also love, admire and have a passion for LD, and so, with more hope than
expectation, I keep myself on the list with the view that I will be able to
learn from the many distinguished (and courteous) posters who take the time
to be so expansive when they pick up on the discussion.

Michael, I would not, if I were you, make any assumptions about the reason
for mentioning Palestine or kashmir, or anywhere else. I was commenting, if
you read my note, on the fact that there are places where the "oppressed"
have views that are just as valid as yours (or mine).

On 7/12/07 5:07 AM, "Pamela Francis" <albigensian at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Ilyas said:
>> The two places, in my experience, where the conflicting, but valid, views
>> of
>> British colonial power and the colonised comes forcefully to mind and is
>> expressed in ways that affect our daily lives, are Palestine/Israel and
>> Kashmir. Its well nigh impossible to imagine how anyone who lives in these
>> countries could not be affected in their views, and how, in turn, their
>> literature, could not be affected.
> And I respond: Thank you, Ilyas!
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