[ilds] Po-co/poco

Michael Haag michaelhaag at btinternet.com
Wed Jul 11 14:15:54 PDT 2007

You do not know my opinions.  My ill concealed lack of courtesy must be 
to do with something else.  As for Cypriots arguing about the impact of 
British rule upon their own interests and lives, they would be arguing 
about something anyway and blaming it someone else.  The trouble is 
that they each want things their own way, and it was not the British 
who had the power to deliver to one side or the other.  Many problems 
fall into that category, including Palestine which you also mention.  I 
agree with Durrell's assessment of the Greek Cypriot demand for Enosis, 
that 'perfect world where Union with Greece meant something not unlike 
the mystic's Union with the Infinite'.


On Wednesday, July 11, 2007, at 09:55  pm, Ilyas Khan wrote:

> Michael, what you say is laughable, and the way that you express that
> opinion, has reversed, in one fell swoop, the seriousness with which
> (despite your ill concealed lack of courtesy in addressing any issues 
> that
> might disagree with your opinon) I had come to try and appreciate your
> views. Cypriots, Greek or Turkish, are not arguing about the relevance 
> of
> British rule to British interests (which is a given), but about the 
> impact
> upon their own interests and lives.

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