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I guess I'm truly old fashioned.  I could not do serious feminist criticism.  I'd feel like a trans-sexual, and the same goes for whatever the equivalent state is when doing po-co.


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>Said taught postcolonial criticism and literature to American students
>for years, and males have been doing feminist criticism for decades.
>Masculinities is a growing field as well, and the combination of
>masculinities and postcolonial studies is likewise growing.  If it's
>of interest, see Lahoucine Ouzgane and Daniel Coleman's work from
>several years back:
>I'm sending this for information only -- I'm not interested in
>debating the materials, unless we're tying it in to _bitter Lemons_.
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>> I'm curious -- does one have to be a post-colonial to write post(-)colonial criticism?  Seems to me you would.  Edward Said, the founding father of this school, could legitimately claim that right, but not many espousing its values today are of that affiliation, from what I can tell.  Similarly, can males write feminist criticism?  Possibly, but that would open them up to obvious criticism, so why not apply that standard to non-po-cos?
>> Bruce

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