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Seems like a lot of blame to scapegoat on the Brits.  That's not the attitude of most people in Singapore, where British institutions took root and where those who can send their kids to the UK for a "proper education."  I take it Costas Montis and Clea Montis are pure coincidence.


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>Bill seems to think that everywhere is postcolonial now.  Certain Greek 
>voices would not agree, and they would lay the blame squarely with 
>Lawrence Durrell.
>Bitter Lemons is regarded by many Greek Cypriots as the work of one of 
>the chief spin doctors of Western imperialism.  In the novel Closed 
>Doors by the Cypriot writer Costas Montis, its translator David 
>Roessel, known to the ILDS, writes in his introduction:
>'For Durrell, the lemons of Cyprus were bitter for a few years; for 
>Montis, some of the doors closed by colonialism are still closed.  
>Durrell and the British could walk away from the intractable problem 
>that they helped to create on Cyprus; in fact, Durrell never visited 
>the island again.  For Montis, the bitter lemons and closed doors 
>remain part of daily life on the divided island.  If Montis's book 
>seems too angry and polemical, it is because both he and his island are 
>still living with the legacy of the colonial government that Durrell 
>served.  It may be that we in the West will have to learn how to read 
>"answers" that re-appropirate a colonial narrative before we can truly 
>appreciate them.'
>[Costas Montis, Closed Doors: An Answer to Bitter Lemons by Lawrence 
>Durrell, Minneapolis 2004]

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