[ilds] RG the Melons of Cormac

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Charles, I can see what Cormac is driving at, but I too still don't believe it.  Nor do I think this is what the Turks have in mind.


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>>>I'm pretty sure that Charlie has a story to tell about the sweetness 
>>>                 of melons and their uses.
>Yes, Bill.  I am, as always, an ambassador for Southern Culture.  Here 
>is a melon farmer telling his neighbor about the discovery of Gene 
>Harrogate at midnight in the melon patch:
>>         I'm tellin ye I seen him. I didnt know what the hell was goin
>>         on when he dropped his drawers. Then when I seen what he was
>>         up to I still didn't believe it. But yonder they lay.
>>         What you aim to do?
>>         Hell, I don't know. It's about too late to do anything. He's
>>         damn near screwed the whole patch. I dont see what he couldnt
>>         of stuck to just one. Or a few.
>>         Cormac McCarthy, /Suttree /(1979)

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