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Tue Jul 10 16:02:06 PDT 2007

I'd agree with that, Bill.  I still disagree with Michael about 
editions, but I don't think that merits further exploration at this point.

Kundera, for what it's worth, not only revises his books obsessively 
(compulsively), but he insists that each new version that corrects the 
problems he or others find is now the official text, with all others no 
longer being authentic -- he's the author, he owns the book, and he'll 
take it back to rewrite it any time he likes.  If you bought the fake 
copy, it sucks to be you.  As he put it lately, the archive (the proof 
he's done this thing) is "the dream of equality in a vast collective 
grave."  A colleague posted it on his office door but hadn't realized 
I'd already seen the previous edition of that statement in the library 
-- I smiled inwardly at that moment...

Considering Kundera's firm stance on revisionist history, totalitarian 
governments, and attempts to deny genocides, I've increasingly found his 
revisionist textual practices very disturbing, since he should know 
precisely what he's doing.

I think the French editions are now the formally acknowledged editions 
of his works, but that may change in time.

But, I've just proved him wrong.  I took *my* copy of _Ignorance_ off 
the shelf, changed the first sentence, and dare him to try to take it 
back.  The book's mine now...


william godshalk wrote:
>> * Where's the definitive text here?
>> *        Brewster
> The definitive text is the sum total of all extant texts.
> Bill
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