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These are interesting questions and worth following in the literature, 
etc.  But these are indeed questions, not the constructs of a theory 
(as Richard has himself pointed out in another posting).  Questions 
explore.  Postcolonial theory imposes answers; it is a catechism which 
serves to instil an ideology.


On Tuesday, July 10, 2007, at 07:41  pm, Richard Pine wrote:

> 1) how does a recently independent country (one hesitates to say 
> 'nation') find its feet?
> 2) how does its relationship to the former coloniser change (from the 
> perspective of bothe colonised and coloniser)?
> 3) if it is a former English colony, how does the continued use of 
> english (lower case intended) fit in with other cultural imperatives 
> of the new state (I'm thinking particularly of India in and around 
> 1947)
> 4) How is the new state (which was previously perceived by others as a 
> colony/imperial possession) perceived as it begins to exercise its 
> freedom?
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