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I would suggest, for general reading, Bill Ashcroft, Gareth Griffith, and 
Helen Tiffin's Post-Colonial Studies: the Key Concepts, Routledge, 1998.  It 
is quite handy and has an excellent entry on the post-colonial/postcolonial 
issue.  Also, you can read the relevant material on Amazon books--I think 
Google has scanned the relevant pages too.

As for po-co articles dealing with Durrell, you may want to refer to Diane 
Vipond's "A Postcolonial Reading of the Black Book" in Deus Loci 7, my own 
"'This Betraying Landscape': Shrinking Colonial Space in Durrell's 
Mountolive" in In-Between: Essays and Studies in Literature, 11.2, p. 
277-90., Anne Zahlan's "Rhodes, Ruskin, and the Myth of Empire: Imperial 
Intertextuality in Durrell's Mountolive", Deus Loci 8.he review of another 
one of Ashcroft's books, Post-Colonial Transformation in Modern Language 
Review 97.2: 525-6 is also helpful.

I stand by my usages--the hyphen in relation to time, non-hyphen for the 
theory.    I still think the hyphen is best used in reference to a 
particular time or location, whereas the non-hyphen use refers to the 
discourse itself.  --Pamela

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>Postcolonial seems to be more often used in literature than "post-colonial.
>Please, refer to:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postcolonial_literature
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> > Bill had recently asked about the hyphen which is sometimes and 
> > not employed in the term postcolonial.  There are pages and pages 
> > about this, but in short, the word WITH the hyphen, that is,
> > generally refers to the actual literature coming from formerly colonized
> > nations.  For instance, Arundhati Roy, Chinua Achebe, Ngugi, etc., are
> > considered post-colonial writers.  However, without the hyphen it refers
> > the MUCH larger area of discussion surrounding issues of Empire,
> > decolonization, race, neocolonization, gender, etc. and so forth, all of
> > which, according to most contributors on this list serve, seem not to 
> > any relation to literature worth discussing...
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