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On 7/10/2007 5:19 AM, Michael Haag wrote:

>my suspicion is that 
>'postcolonial' is very narrowly and parochially defined by certain 
>self-aggrandising elitist groups, 'practitioners' of moribund 
>ideologies.  Unfortunately academics are the chief purveyors of these 
>mind-numbing tools.  Too often they fail to think, fail to be curious 
>or original, and fail to stimulate thought, curiosity or originality 
>among those they teach.  But they do write a lot of papers on hyphens, 
>it appears.
I suspect that, like all human endeavors, some good work and some bad 
work has been done in postcolonial studies.  I encourage anyone with a 
working knowledge of postcolonial studies to give us some brief, 
specific examples of its particular, original strengths.  The more that 
these points might connect to the writings and the life of Lawrence 
Durrell, our subject here on the listserv, the better. 


Charles L. Sligh
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