[ilds] hyphens and posts...

Pamela Francis albigensian at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 9 12:56:20 PDT 2007

Bill had recently asked about the hyphen which is sometimes and sometimes 
not employed in the term postcolonial.  There are pages and pages written 
about this, but in short, the word WITH the hyphen, that is, post-colonial, 
generally refers to the actual literature coming from formerly colonized 
nations.  For instance, Arundhati Roy, Chinua Achebe, Ngugi, etc., are 
considered post-colonial writers.  However, without the hyphen it refers to 
the MUCH larger area of discussion surrounding issues of Empire, 
decolonization, race, neocolonization, gender, etc. and so forth, all of 
which, according to most contributors on this list serve, seem not to have 
any relation to literature worth discussing...

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