[ilds] RG Bitter Lemons -- places of limitation

James Gifford gifford at uvic.ca
Mon Jul 9 10:40:08 PDT 2007

The origins of the gnostic suicide for Durrell are pretty clearly
outlined in his notebooks at Nanterre.  Michael is quite right that
Durrell wasn't advocating the cult he invented to suit his thematic
purposes in the Quintet.  I've written it up here:


I also suspect that Durrell may have had Cocteau's "Club Suicides"
(the Dadaists) when he saw those materials, but who knows for sure.


On 09/07/07, Michael Haag <michaelhaag at btinternet.com> wrote:
> Except that the gnostics did not advocate suicide, nor did Durrell.
> But I do think that Durrell wanted to make the point that the world was
> fundamentally unacceptable, and that the response to its imperfections
> went beyond protest -- hence his lack of sympathy for beats, hippies,
> people with 'hair in their faces', and causes of any kind.
> :Michael

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