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I find it hard, given the world we live in, to say literature serves to make sense of the world.  Literature once did that -- for Dante, Chaucer, and Milton -- but few people, I think, read those authors today for that purpose.  Literature often says the world makes no sense -- Lear and Godot -- but it still gives great pleasure.  If anything, I think of literature as a pleasurable refuge from the world, which is probably the solace Durrell took in it.  I am of Akkad's party, who says, "I am not really a banker so much as a student of cosmic malevolence."  I find solace in "cosmic malevolence."


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>I couldn't read a book in the hope/expectation that it would help to make 
>sense of the world. Newspapers, maybe. I read a book to see what the author 
>has said, and, after that, to see where it fits in with my own viewpoints. I 
>might be persuaded by that book to think differentloy from the way I already 
>do think, maybe slightly, maybe more than slightly (I've hardly ever read a 
>book that had a major impact on the way I think, or the way I see the world) 
>but I wouldn't start out with an expectation of it 'making sense of the 
>world' - however open-minded I might like to think I am.
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>> Charles says:
>> Following Swinburne's lead, I would be most surprised at a great
>>>work coming from any poet or novelist who set out save the world with his
>>>or her work.
>> "Making sense of the world" is not "saving" the world and i never said it
>> was.  I know that literature will never save us from George W. Bush or
>> Ossama Bin Laden or Paris Hilton.  But I read to help me make sense of MY
>> world, and I will stand by my claim that many others read for the same
>> reason.  Pamela

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