[ilds] RG Bitter Lemons -- places of limitation

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Except that the gnostics did not advocate suicide, nor did Durrell.  
But I do think that Durrell wanted to make the point that the world was 
fundamentally unacceptable, and that the response to its imperfections 
went beyond protest -- hence his lack of sympathy for beats, hippies, 
people with 'hair in their faces', and causes of any kind.


On Monday, July 9, 2007, at 08:58  am, Richard Pine wrote:

> And the way out of this imperfect world is the gnostic suicide. RP
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>> Durrell certainly liked constricted places, cut off places, places
>> where his writ was cosmic.  World, as I say; one world or the other,
>> and for Durrell the point was that this was not the real one.
>> :Michael

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