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No, but this is all moot.  No English department would hire a dinosaur like me.  I feel for you, though.  If your students are that boring, you deserve a little fun.


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>Bill, are you teachingliterature or are you teaching the psychodynamics of reading?  Ithink you teach literature.  If you give an exam on Bitter Lemonsand ask for Durrell's views on British colonialism and then I come backand feed you a couple of blue books about my vacation on the island withmy last girlfriend and how we partied with the British ex-pats in theirsuburban enclaves and how we all got drunk and went looking for Durrell'shouse in Bellapaix, using BL as a guidebook -- if that was the solecontent of my essay, what would you do?  By the standards you'vejust advocated, I clearly deserve an A or A+.
>Bruce writes.
>If I got a paper that interesting I would absolutely give it a 100. Topmarks. You don't realize the boring -- "things" I have to read.
>But I have colleagues who (apparently) like reading these things.
>So, we are back to different strokes for different folks. Beauty is inthe eye of the beholder, as Dad used to like to quote. My brain isdifferent from yours. I gather you would not give that adventurousstudent an A. 
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