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NO NO NO! We do NOT have to have theories. Theories are like religions - they are for the weak-minded. You form a viewpoint using your own native intelligence. You do not accept anything from anyone unless it agrees with your own independently worked-out ideas. Bill, why do you read 'because the world makes no sense'? If you dont expect the books to give you any sense, then the 2 parts of your remark are non-sequiturs. We dont read for any reason other than curiosity. The victims of theory read because they have already adopted a 'sense' which they apply to what they read. They are not curious, they are already riddled with other people's opinions/theories/viewpoints and unable to formulate opinions of their own. RP
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    I will defend my own position, however,my own approach to literature, as my way of making sense of the world, which I think is why many of us read at all. I will also defend the intellectual abilities of fellow "postcolonial" (quotes aqain!) scholars. ---Pamela

  I read because the world makes no sense at all, but I don't expect literature to give it any sense -- for me.

  As for theory, we all have our theories -- we have to have theories, as Norman Holland points out. But I have personal experience of theories controlling readings. A rigid theory limits the questions that are asked -- and thus answered. Ronald Crane many years ago said the best criticism is the one that asks the most questions. 


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