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If you read this text:


You will see that Corfu was indeed under Ottoman 


Michael Haag wrote:

> I do not know whether postcolonial theory as taught in American 
> universities keeps the cleaning ladies off the streets, but some 
> historical knowledge of the Ottoman Empire, whose western extremity was 
> Serbia and whose eastern extremity was Iraq, goes a long way towards 
> understanding why those two places continue to be serious problems in 
> our day. Durrell of course lived in Belgrade, also in Cyprus, another 
> very recent object of Ottoman imperialism, and before that in Egypt, 
> which likewise had been (technically until 1914) part of the Ottoman 
> Empire. In fact from 1935 when he went to Greece until 1956 when he went 
> to France, the only places he lived that had not been part of the 
> Ottoman Empire were Corfu and Argentina.
> :Michael
> On Sunday, July 8, 2007, at 01:46 am, william godshalk wrote:
>     Perhaps theory is a way of keeping us from close analysis of what is
>     actually happening. Is theory a way of intellectualizing the fact
>     that Iraq is a killing ground, a slaughter house? Theory is a way of
>     keeping a segment of the society off the streets and away from
>     revolution.
>     Bill
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