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On 7/8/2007 9:58 AM, Bruce Redwine wrote:

>He never put on disguises and impersonate doctors, high court judges, field marshals, and airline pilots.  Some people actually do that, but!
Cf. Scobie's Dolly Varden.  But El Skob is not weird.  He just cannot 
realize how /inspired /his tendencies are.

Now that I sit here in Tennessee looking back at /Justine/, it seems 
that Darley & co. return to Scobie and Scobie's room when they are 
seeking quiet amid the flux. 

As queer as all of Scobie's little eccentricities are, his episodes are 
among the more stable and locatable in the novel.  

I think that I will wear my "Scobie blouse" today.   What will the 
Volunteer State think?


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