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I do not know whether postcolonial theory as taught in American 
universities keeps the cleaning ladies off the streets, but some 
historical knowledge of the Ottoman Empire, whose western extremity was 
Serbia and whose eastern extremity was Iraq, goes a long way towards 
understanding why those two places continue to be serious problems in 
our day.  Durrell of course lived in Belgrade, also in Cyprus, another 
very recent object of Ottoman imperialism, and before that in Egypt, 
which likewise had been (technically until 1914) part of the Ottoman 
Empire.  In fact from 1935 when he went to Greece until 1956 when he 
went to France, the only places he lived that had not been part of the 
Ottoman Empire were Corfu and Argentina.


On Sunday, July 8, 2007, at 01:46  am, william godshalk wrote:

> Perhaps theory is a way of keeping us from close analysis of what is 
> actually happening. Is theory a way of intellectualizing the fact that 
> Iraq is a killing ground, a slaughter house? Theory is a way of 
> keeping a segment of the society off the streets and away from 
> revolution.
> Bill
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