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I question that, that Lawrence Durrell is his own created fiction, who invents and reinvents himself whenever he writes.  This implies he could be anything he wanted to be.  He isn't.  He is a single personality with a unique vision and a unique manner of expressing it.  That's what we read and respond to.  He is a self with a core identity, not a schizophrenic with multiple personalities.  The fact he alters the reality around him for the purposes of storytelling -- that I consider incidental.  Writers and artists like to propagate ideas about having multiple selves -- Keats most famously -- but I don't believe it.  I see Keats as one person who could project his imagination into different contexts.  The same with Durrell.


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>It may be a 'postmodern move' (whatever that means), but the Durrell of 
>his autobiographical travel narratives is certainly a character, often 
>with very little in common with what the biographical author actually 
>got up to.

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