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Actually post-Ottoman, and post-British, god bless our queen...

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>Spoken like a true philosopher!
>On Saturday, July 7, 2007, at 09:56  pm, william godshalk wrote:
>>So what is the postmodernist take on sexual intercourse?  Uncertain, never 
>>happened, open to discourse, or what?
>>Michael, 'I'm not a postmodernist. So anything I say about sexual 
>>intercourse is colored by my eight marriages. You will point out that just 
>>a few weeks ago, I said that I had been married only seven times. But last 
>>weekend my third wife insisted that we had been married twice. You can do 
>>the math.
>>About the above, I think a postmodernist would begin his discourse with 
>>"or what." That clearly puts the ball into the opponent's court. Should 
>>the opponent respond in force, the postmodernist would open up a larger 
>>discourse. If the discourse proved inadequate to the response, the next 
>>fall back position would be uncertainty -- as Heisenberg has shown us. 
>>And, finally, if all else fails, the postmodernist can claim that it never 
>>happened. Should your female lover give birth to your child, you may have 
>>to fall back from this position.
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