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> A special dispensation will have to be granted the Greens, who are under 50.  Otherwise, they qualify.  I shall consult my medium in touch with LD's spirit -- but no problems, I'm sure.  By the way, is the "six o'clock swill" still a phenomenon in Australia.  An Australian once described it to me, and I think he was serious -- but you never know with Australians.
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The Six O'Clock swill WAS a phenomenon in Australia. It was an attempt by the WOWSERs (we only want social evils remedied) to curb the drinking habits of Australian Males (we could not come at total prohibition as you Americans tried). it failed spectacularly. The working classes drank so much beer between knock off time at 3.30pm and closing time at 6.00pm - the swill- that they came home (if they could walk at all) to their families in such an appalling condition that they were fit for nothing but a night in the dog house or the outdoor dunny (toilet). There was also a huge illegal trade in out of hours drinking (sound familiiar). The policy was abandoned, i think during the 1940s, but hours were still restricted to 10am to 10pm monday to saturday with total closure on Sunday.

Now you can get pissed at all hours like in Europe and like in Europe there is now, interestingly, far less drunkeness. The desires of the WOWSERS were in fact achieved by extending drinking hours. If, like Durrell, you like 4 - 5 pints of wine a day, it is better to drink this over a whole day than in 2 or 3 hours.

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