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Well, Bill, then let's read Bitter Lemons and infer what those standards are.   The first paragraph of BL tells me that the author likes words, he has a vision, an inquiring mind, an artistic temperament; he looks for ways to develop that outlook; possibly he even wants to reconcile his inward nature with the outside world.  This guy is a Humanist in the making.  Will he turn out to be a Montaigne?  Let's read on and see.


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>Bill, that argument can beturned on Shakespeare, who is often said not to have any philosophy or,by extension, "point of view."  But who believesthat?  If Durrell didn't have standards and a point of view wewouldn't be reading him.
>In the USA Shakespeare is claimed by the political left asone of their own. In the UK he is more generally seen as a conservative.Which is correct -- if either? If S has a definite point of view -- aposition from which he interprets the world -- tell us what it is.Shakespeare scholars don't really have a clue. Or perhaps they have toomany clues. 
>Which standards? What point of view?
>This is what I asked. I did not claim that he had none. I justwonder what they are or were.

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