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>From "Recollections of a Durrell collector" by Alan G. Thomas:  

"The recent emancipation of Anglo-Saxon publishing has resulted in numerous reprints of erotic classics. One American asked Durrell (as the greatest authority on love) to write a preface to the Kamasutra. In refusing, Durrell replied : ."the Kama Sutra is primarily a religious book, and I cannot help suspecting that you are reprinting it for pornographic reasons. And anyway, of the hundred-and-eighty positions I've only tried about twelve - and some of those didn't work."


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  I wonder if the joke travelled down the spinal cord or up.


  On Saturday, July 7, 2007, at 05:41 pm, william godshalk wrote:

    I heard this joke many years ago from Bill Hussey -- when the topic was sexual positions. Position fourteen was the missionary position.

    At 12:38 PM 7/7/2007, you wrote:

    Once upon a time, a visiting scholar presented a lecture on the topic: ëHow many philosophical positions are there in principle?í ëIn principle,í he began, ëthere are exactly 12 philosophical positions.í A voice called from the audience: ëThirteen.í ëThere are,í the lecturer repeated, ëexactly 12 possible philosophical positions; not one less and not one more.í ëThirteen,í the voice from the audience called again. ëVery well, then,í said the lecturer, now perceptibly irked, ëI shall proceed to enumerate the 12 possible philosophical positions. The first is sometimes called ìnaive realismî. It is the view according to which things are, by and large, very much the way that they seem to be.í ëOh,í said the voice from the audience. ëFourteen!í

    For source, see (and scroll to bottom):

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