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Once upon a time, a visiting scholar presented a lecture on the topic: 
‘How many philosophical positions are there in principle?’ ‘In 
principle,’ he began, ‘there are exactly 12 philosophical positions.’ A 
voice called from the audience: ‘Thirteen.’ ‘There are,’ the lecturer 
repeated, ‘exactly 12 possible philosophical positions; not one less 
and not one more.’ ‘Thirteen,’ the voice from the audience called 
again. ‘Very well, then,’ said the lecturer, now perceptibly irked, ‘I 
shall proceed to enumerate the 12 possible philosophical positions. The 
first is sometimes called “naive realism”. It is the view according to 
which things are, by and large, very much the way that they seem to 
be.’ ‘Oh,’ said the voice from the audience. ‘Fourteen!’

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