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-ISMS, THEORY and LANGUAGE: Paper 1. Time allowed, 2 hours.
Question 1:
Don DeLillo to David Foster Wallace (1997) 'At some point in my writing life I realized that precision can be a kind of poetry, and the more precise you try to be, or I try to be, the more simply and correctly responsive to what the world looks like - then the better my chances of creating a deeper and more beautiful language'. Wallace to DeLillo: 'I found your comments on the physical architecture of clauses and words and letters real interesting and yet identified with them not one whit. I think I'm maybe 100% aural. My eyesight's really bad anyway'.
Comment on this exchange in not more than 500 words, mentioning Lawrence Durrell not more than once.
50 % of the marks for this paper will depend on your answer to this question.
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