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I wanted to be an archaeologist too.  It's hard work.  You get up early and get dirty.  Long hours in the field in remote places.  It easier to be an academic.  By the way, what's the source of Paghlia's comments?  Sounds like an interview.


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>  I wanted to be an archaeologist early on. I think that is one of the 
>things that separates me from others in literary studies today. My 
>sense of time-frame is so vast compared to that of people in English 
>departments. When I think about sex, when I think about anything in 
>culture, I'm thinking about a 10,000-year time span, you see, and this 
>is what causes a communication problem with feminists, because most of 
>them, as far as I can see, tend to have their specialties in the late 
>eighteenth century or following. There are a few who have training 
>earlier, but they tend to be very narrowly focused even in that one 
>area. I think my broad expanse of learning and my already 
>world-consciousness--coming from my early passion, when I was, like, 
>four practically, to be an Egyptologist--I was just fascinated with 
>Egypt and began studying it very early on--I think that huge time-frame 
>that I have has been enormously advantageous. And it's one of the 
>reasons, again, why I'm not understood by feminists, though I am 
>understood by historians. The fan letters--I mean, it's absurd--the fan 
>letters that I get from historians, from political scientists, from 
>philosophers, from art historians, and so on and so forth. The bunkers 
>are just the literature departments and the feminists--they're all in 
>league with each other: "Oh, no, she's horrible! She's horrible!" Why? 
>Because I'm challenging the scholarship of everything. I'm challenging 
>their scholarship, which I think is absolutely amateurish. It will not 
>serve women to base a sex theory on shoddy scholarship. We cannot have 
>this. We cannot have this second-rateness. It's epidemic everywhere.
>-- Camille Paglia

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