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Michael Haag michaelhaag at btinternet.com
Sat Jul 7 05:46:28 PDT 2007

Fixed stars, I should have added.


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> Date: Sat Jul 7, 2007  12:44:09  pm Europe/London
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> Subject: Re: [ilds] baboonism
> I would have thought that a postmodernist would reject labels of any 
> sort whatsoever.  Labels are like definitions and standards, and how 
> can you have definitions and standards when there is nothing but 
> 'discourse' or, as James explained Durrell once, 'whim'.  How indeed 
> can you have reasonableness?  Who decides, and how, whether one whim 
> is more reasonable than another?  And under such circumstances what 
> does reasonable mean anyway.  More whimable, perhaps.  Durrell strikes 
> me as having had standards, a definite point of view.
> :Michael

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