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Though I can't completely disagree with Lincolnshire's equating of Xnty with 
those who believe in the man in the moon, he and Surrey have illustrated the 
common misconception of postmodern thought--and not without some reason, as 
that is how it is quite often presented to the Great Unread Public.  But the 
case of David Irving (Holocaust Denier par excellence) demonstrated--to 
those that were paying attention--that postmodernist thought must be based 
on REASONABLE debate.  Even though, as postmodernists, we may question who 
has written history and from what location--in other words, we must question 
metanarratives--we also must question the questioning.  In this case, it is 
clear that questioning the metanarrative--with all its repercussions for 
current prejudices and acts of ethnic cleansing--cannot be questioned for 
any other reason than hatred, that is, the continued perpetuation of 
violence against certain ethnic and/or cultural identities.  If the 
questioning of Holocaust metanarratives cannot bring about anything other 
than more hatred, it is an unreasonable debate, one which brings justice to 
absolutely NO ONE.

On the surface, this tends to support the politically liberal point of view, 
which many of the Great Unread Public equate with 
nambypambyloveandpeaceforeveryoneness.  But I find considerable logic in the 
argument that the "questioning", i.e., the denial of the Holocaust cannot 
bring about any hidden injustices to those who (I, and I think most of you 
as well) believe perpetuated the mass murder of Jews, Poles, homosexuals, 
and gypsies (to name only a few of Hitler's victims).  In other words, this 
denial redeems no one.  In that sense, then, it is not reasonable, and 
therefore is not an example of postmodern theory in praxis.

Having said all that, it is sometimes very tempting to tell confused 
undergraduates that postmodernism is the idea that all ideas are valid.  
It's just so much easier than being, well, reasonable...

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>From the Questions Answered column in The Times, 6 July 2007:
>Can anyone define what postmodern thought is?
>Postmodernists believe there is no knowledge or truth, only “discourse”. 
>However, they also tend to hold that modish left-wing views are absolutely 
>true and that anyone who opposes these should be persecuted.
>Andrew M. Chisholm, Thames Ditton, Surrey
>I was recently told that Modernism was the age of reason, in which any 
>religious beliefs were decried as being irrational. Postmodern thought, 
>however, takes things to the opposite extreme, in that it regards all 
>values as being equally valid. In other words Christianity is placed on a 
>par with those who think there is a man in the moon, which is made of green 
>Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby, Lincolnshire

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