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  I wanted to be an archaeologist early on. I think that is one of the 
things that separates me from others in literary studies today. My 
sense of time-frame is so vast compared to that of people in English 
departments. When I think about sex, when I think about anything in 
culture, I'm thinking about a 10,000-year time span, you see, and this 
is what causes a communication problem with feminists, because most of 
them, as far as I can see, tend to have their specialties in the late 
eighteenth century or following. There are a few who have training 
earlier, but they tend to be very narrowly focused even in that one 
area. I think my broad expanse of learning and my already 
world-consciousness--coming from my early passion, when I was, like, 
four practically, to be an Egyptologist--I was just fascinated with 
Egypt and began studying it very early on--I think that huge time-frame 
that I have has been enormously advantageous. And it's one of the 
reasons, again, why I'm not understood by feminists, though I am 
understood by historians. The fan letters--I mean, it's absurd--the fan 
letters that I get from historians, from political scientists, from 
philosophers, from art historians, and so on and so forth. The bunkers 
are just the literature departments and the feminists--they're all in 
league with each other: "Oh, no, she's horrible! She's horrible!" Why? 
Because I'm challenging the scholarship of everything. I'm challenging 
their scholarship, which I think is absolutely amateurish. It will not 
serve women to base a sex theory on shoddy scholarship. We cannot have 
this. We cannot have this second-rateness. It's epidemic everywhere.
-- Camille Paglia
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