[ilds] RG Bitter Lemons -- Eastern Landfal, Geography Lesson, & The Tavern Door

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Fri Jul 6 17:15:29 PDT 2007

Let's extend our range in /Bitter Lemons/.

As we work our way through

        Chapter 2: A Geography Lesson

                -- and --

        Chapter 3: Voices at the Tavern Door

perhaps we can glance back every once and a while at Chapter 1: Towards 
an Eastern Landfall.

Our itinerary includes:

        Panos, Michael, & Philip
        Manoli the Chemist
        General Envy
        Clito, his wife, his daughter, and his mother-in-law (!)
        Clito's Victorian Print



Charles L. Sligh
Department of English
Wake Forest University
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