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On 7/6/2007 6:36 PM, Bruce Redwine wrote:

>Charles, here's one.  "The Omphalos and the Oracle," L. Durrell, Archaeology Odyssey, Sep/Oct 2001.  The article is a reprint of Durrell's earlier "Delphi" piece (no idea how the editor, Hershel Shanks got the rights to print).  Durrell is used as a lead to the main article on "Eros in Egypt," which is excellent, written by a famous Egyptologist, David O'Connor, who analyzes the representation of sexuality in Ancient Egyptian art.  (Fascinating topic, indeed.)  The blurb on Durrell has a short bio of him, including the egregious error that he fled Cyprus during the 1974 Turkish invasion.  Myth making in progress.  Anyway, Durrell was clearly chosen as a locus classicus, the starting point for a discussion of sex in the Eastern Mediterranean and Ancient Egypt.
Thanks, Bruce.  I will pull that from our library. 

Where did that 1974 flight from Cyprus story start?  Why would that make 
sense?  I note that even the village locals will repeat the misguided claim:

>         'All we know is that this guy never liked us,'' said Ozkan
>         Tatlisulu, a local grocer. ''After we arrived in 1974 he
>         immediately sold his house and moved away. Probably he didn't
>         want to live with us.''
>         That is not true, because by 1974 Durrell had long since
>         settled in southern France, where he died in 1990. His house
>         has had several owners since he departed, and whoever was
>         inside this month wisely declined to answer the door when
>         curious tourists came knocking.
>         http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9E03E5D71F3DF936A25757C0A96E958260&sec=travel

Credit to the NYTIMES reporter for clipping wing'd rumor.


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